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I've always been a storyteller.  When I was younger, it meant rounding up all my friends (and quite a few strangers) on the playground to enact epic fantasy battles that took place entirely in our collective imaginations.  When I reached middle school and lost my favored medium, and so I turned my attention to the written word.

I'd always wanted to be an author, ever since I understood exactly what an author was.  I'd written stories before, the first one in either second or third grade.  But I didn't start writing somewhat seriously until the sixth grade, and I didn't start writing regularly until the ninth.  Since then, I've never really stopped.  Even when my wrists wish I would.

I'm a cat person, though given the way I was raised I don't think I ever really had a choice.  The high water mark was seven cats in one house, which isn't as bad as it sounds if you take in the ratio of cats to people (7:5, if anyone was curious).  Currently, I live in a house with four, though only one of them is mine.  It doesn't keep the others from  "helping" me with my writing.

The majority of my writing is LBGTIA+ romance, because I am a sucker for happy endings and there need to be more of those for queer characters.  I enjoy writing Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Historical fiction as well, though all these genres are by no means mutually exclusive. 

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